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Bargain Doodle!
Not everyone has 1800 points to throw around for a drawing, and I've come to realize this. Sooo, bargain doodles!
I consider these as quick sketches that I don't have to put much time into. 
Light shading, nothing special to it, and the added goodness of a 500 point pricetag~ 
DRAWBACKS: If you request an incredibly detailed character I'm liable to leave complicated details out. If you want full detail included, go for a digital bust drawing. It's double the price, I know. 
Traditional Chibis!
Pretty self-explanatory. Chibis drawn on paper, colored with pencils or markers (Although be warned, I'm not very good with markers yet) and they will be scanned instead of crappy phone/camera pictures like the ones I've posted.
I do, in fact, have a scanner! and I will use it on traditional commissions to get the best quality picture I can manage.
Digital Chibis!
Digital chibis. The traditional chibi examples are more accurate of how I draw them now. So that, but digital and cute.
Traditional Half-Body!
If you want a better idea of how they'll look, check the examples for the digital half-body.
But yes! Same as digital chibis. Markers or colored pencils, I'm not that good with markers so ye be warned. I will scan the finished product so you have a good pic instead of sad phone pics like these.
Digital Half-Body!
These are better examples of what I mean by half-body. Generally from the upper thigh and upwards or sometimes around the waist and upwards. Basically cutting off the legs.
I prefer simpler backgrounds but if your background choice isn't too super duper detailed, I don't mind drawing it. Just remember I'm not Picasso, haha.
Traditional Bust!
Same as digital bust except it's on paper~ 
Digital Bust!
All of these drawings are way different, I know, but they're all around the same general area of the body. That's what I mean by "bust." I know people have different definitions of it but I wanted to be clear about what I meant.
Again, I'd really like a simple background.
Traditional Full-Body! (No background)
Same as my other traditional commissions, pencil or marker, marker may not look that nice. Will be scanned. 
No backgrounds because I have trouble doing backgrounds on paper. Sorry </3
Digital Full-Body! (No Background/Simple Background)
I don't do full-body drawings as often as I used to but oh well~
Simple backgrounds are preferred. I draw backgrounds so rarely I'm not even sure I'll have an example.
Digital Full-Body! (With Background)
I wish I drew backgrounds more often because this is the only one I can find.
But yeah <3 Same as without a background with the added goodness of a background.




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7 / 4,000
Figured I'd just start this and save up for a Core membership. Any donations are appreciated <3

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RoxieTheDerp's Profile Picture
Roxie Curtis ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hi there! I'm Roxie. Or at least that's what you're all going to know me as.
I do digital and traditional artwork, during the school year I focus more on traditional because homework keeps me off my computer.
I have commissions open, I'm sometimes willing to negotiate prices, I will take requests at my own pace. Meaning I'll take them if I feel like so if I don't you're kinda outta luck.
Anyways feel free to drop me a note if you're interested in anything.


She isn't finished with the last one yet but I'm still going to give Rosenow some love for these amazing commissions I got from her. Like she literally deserves all the love and support in the world guys. Nobody pays attention to my statuses anyways lmao but like go watch her and give her love. She's crazy talented.
Taylor: POINT COMMISSION by Rosenow Roxie: POINT COMMISSION by Rosenow Chiya: POINT COMMISSION by Rosenow Tomako: POINT COMMISSION by Rosenow Suri: POINT COMMISSION by Rosenow
I'm halfway there uwu

Whenever I hit 100 watchers I'm gonna have a big raffle.
Went on vacation and got new stickers for my laptop!

embedded_item1499578130787 by RoxieTheDerp
"Ugh finally Pride month's over"

~Ugh finally straight people complaining month is over~
Fight me, okay?

Hey there. We're gonna have a nice little talk about my commissions.

Llama Emoji-46 (This and That) First and foremost, PayPal payments Llama Emoji-46 (This and That) 

My commissions are for sale through my commissions widget for points.
However, I'm willing to accept payments through PayPal as well.
The simple fact is, payments with points are a burden on buyer and seller.
The buyer pays more for the points than the dollar amount the seller will receive.
There's also a two week processing time and a $1 processing fee to get the money
deposited into my PayPal. For future reference, this is how my prices will transfer.

Llama Emoji-03 (Sparkles) [V1] Points to USD cheat sheet Llama Emoji-03 (Sparkles) [V1] 

Dot Bullet (Black) - F2U! Bargain Doodle: 500 points or $5.00 USD

Dot Bullet (Black) - F2U! Traditional Chibi: 800 points or $8.00 USD

Dot Bullet (Black) - F2U! Digital Chibi: 1000 points or $10.00 USD

Dot Bullet (Black) - F2U! Traditional HB: 1200 points or $12.00 USD

Dot Bullet (Black) - F2U! Digital HB: 1500 points or $15.00 USD

Dot Bullet (Black) - F2U! Traditional Bust: 800 points or $8.00 USD

Dot Bullet (Black) - F2U! Digital Bust: 1000 points or $10.00 USD

Dot Bullet (Black) - F2U! Traditional FB: 1500 points or $15.00 USD

Dot Bullet (Black) - F2U! Digital FB: 1800 points or $18.00 USD

Dot Bullet (Black) - F2U! Digital FB (w/BG): 2000 points or $20.00 USD

Llama Emoji-37 (Teehee) [V2] What I will draw Llama Emoji-37 (Teehee) [V2] 

Peach Dot Bullet - F2U! Anything like you've seen in my gallery
Peach Dot Bullet - F2U! "Suggestive" pictures
Peach Dot Bullet - F2U! Non-sexualized child characters
Peach Dot Bullet - F2U! OCs!
Peach Dot Bullet - F2U! Attempt to draw furries
Peach Dot Bullet - F2U! Mild gore
Peach Dot Bullet - F2U! A little more intense gore if the "blood" isn't blood
Peach Dot Bullet - F2U! Characters from popular media (Anime, games, etc.)
Peach Dot Bullet - F2U! Pairings! Couples are cute (Especially as chibis wink wonk)
Peach Dot Bullet - F2U! Most everything that isn't stated in the next list!

Llama Emoji-06 (Depress) [V1]What I will not draw Llama Emoji-06 (Depress) [V1] 

Dot Bullet (Black) - F2U! Sexualized child characters (No suggestive lolis or shotas)
Dot Bullet (Black) - F2U! No hentai! Whether or not I get to a point where I'm
    comfortable drawing it, I refuse to be paid for it
Dot Bullet (Black) - F2U! Full nudity. My line stops at roughly the undies. I MIGHT POSSIBLY DRAW A BUTT.
Dot Bullet (Black) - F2U! Bara. It's nothing against it, I just can't draw manly men
Dot Bullet (Black) - F2U! Recolors. I don't mind drawing with another character used for reference, but
    I'm not gonna draw like Edward Elric with blue hair and call it an OC
Dot Bullet (Black) - F2U! Animals. I'm awful at it! ;v;
Dot Bullet (Black) - F2U! No death and intense gore 

Llama Emoji 27 (Awesome) [V2] General guidelines Llama Emoji 27 (Awesome) [V2] 

Peach Dot Bullet - F2U! It's up to you to give me refs for OCs!
Peach Dot Bullet - F2U! Depending on the time of year, I might take longer to draw.
Peach Dot Bullet - F2U! Expect your drawing within a week (at the very latest)
    unless I tell you otherwise!
Peach Dot Bullet - F2U! If you want art for adoptables, discuss with me first and
    I'll gladly strike a deal!
Peach Dot Bullet - F2U! If a drawing contains more than one character, the price
    will be adjusted as such:
        Original price + Half of original price(per extra character) = New price! 
    So, two characters in a half-body digital drawing would be:
        1000 points + 500 points = 1500 points
Peach Dot Bullet - F2U! 
I can refuse to draw whatever I wish.
Peach Dot Bullet - F2U! Every drawing has what I'd call a "warranty."
    If something in the drawing is wrong, I will redraw that particular part upon request.
    This is offered once upon the completion of a drawing.
Peach Dot Bullet - F2U! You may not use any of my drawings for a monetary gain unless previously
    discussed with me.
Peach Dot Bullet - F2U! You may not cover up my signature or my small "" in the corner.
    I will not use my transparent watermark on commissions. Sometimes not even the small one.
Peach Dot Bullet - F2U! Reposting's fine. That's why I ask that my watermark's left intact so people can find the
    original artist rather than you having to credit every single time you post it.
Peach Dot Bullet - F2U! Credit's always appreciated, however! I'm still a small artist and exposure is helpful. 
Peach Dot Bullet - F2U! If you ever have a question about getting a commission, you can always send me a note
    and I'll be glad to answer. When in doubt, ask. I make special exceptions sometimes.


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